Messages from the Spirit World

Through The Mists

From Medium Robert James Lees comes this book entitle, “Through The Mists.”

The Amazon description of the book states: “The Author disclaims all personal responsibility for this remarkable
narrative, which he maintains he received direct through spirit agency.
He merely plays the role of recorder on behalf of his “Angelic
Scarcely any book purporting to be a communication from
the Other Side has achieved such lasting popularity. It is a narrative
of singular charm and fascination, and grips the reader from start to
finish. It is full of knowledge and inspiration and a wonderful comfort
to anyone who has lost a loved one.

The sequel to “Through the Mists”
is “The Life Elysian”, the latter being more experiences of a Soul in
Paradise. The last of the series, “The Gate of Heaven” is the
culmination of a never-to-be-forgotten narrative.
This remarkable
book was first published in 1898, and reached its twentieth re-printing
by 1952. It is the tale of “Aphraar” from his immediate awakening
after-death, to his eventual passing through the “Gate of Heaven” some
thirty years later. Aphraar, the narrator – in Earth Life known as
Frederic Winterleigh – was well studied in the Bible, yet his experience
of life after death was very contrary to that which he expected. What
makes this series of books particularly fascinating is that when Aphraar
asks a question about something that is other than he expected, the
answers almost invariably refer directly to the Bible. In this way we
soon see what a different interpretation can be put on the Bible, to
that believed by orthodox Christians.”

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