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Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot

Being one of the most infamous of the mortals of earth for having betrayed Jesus of Nazareth, Judas has returned to give many Spirit Messages.

Below is one message from Judas.  However, Judas has returned to give a wonderful series of spirit communications, explaining many things including his death, the lives of the apostles, the history surrounding the life of Jesus and many unknown facts about Jesus’ life that are not recorded in the New Testament.

Spirit Commnunication received on August 23, 1915
Received by: James E. Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Judas Iscariot.

I came tonight because I want to tell you of just what my condition and expectations were when I betrayed Jesus, which resulted in his crucifixion.

I was a very enthusiastic lover of the Master and believed thoroughly in his teachings and his power, and did not believe
that the Roman soldiers could take him away from where we were, if we did not permit it to be done. As a consequence, I was anxious that Jesus should show his great power, and demonstrate to the Jews that he was a true son of God, with power over men and devils.

I never betrayed him for the money that I received, for it was not sufficient to pay for one moment of happiness which I have lost because of my act in betraying the greatest spirit in all God’s kingdom. I see that you are too sleepy to write more tonight. I will come again and tell my story.

So good night.


This short message received by James Padgett was just the start.  Later, Judas established rapport with another medium, and what followed is even more amazing and a must read of all Spirit Communications.  There is not a free version of this book, but the Kindle version is very inexpensive, less than a cup of coffee, and it is WELL WORTH THE READ!  Here is the description of this book from:

Judas of Kerioth
Conversations with Judas Iscariot

“In 2001 rather unexpectedly, a good friend of
mine began receiving communications from spirit. This turned
out to be none other than Judas Iscariot, also known as Judas
of Kerioth. One can rather imagine that this is not a name
that would be adopted by anyone, seeing as he is probably
the most reviled human of all time. Thus we were never in
any doubt, that he was who he claimed to be. No imposter is
going to claim to be Judas! And these messages bear that out.
Here we have now a highly advanced and loving individual.
It’s even more fascinating to hear him use modern computer
programming concepts to explain complex spiritual concepts.
If ever one wondered what we might do after death, it’s quite
certain we don’t sit around singing.

This book is a publication of what ensued over the following
years. It is a fascinating tale of an enigmatic and much mis-understood
figure, as also containing fascinating insights into the life
and times of Joshua Ben Joseph – Jesus of Nazareth. A great
deal of information is shared regarding the “lost years”,
or the years not covered in the Bible. Along the way, Judas
touches on some contemporary subjects, tricky subjects like
terrorism and homosexuality. We are also blessed to have the
images of nine of the apostles, based on visions the author
received, plus one of Pilate. Because the author is an extremely
talented artist, he was able to reconstruct these using an
approach similar to the familiar photo identikit approach.

This series was not completed, and the messages end in the
year 26, although some insights were given into events that
happened later. This book is over 650 pages.

The Kindle version
is here
, and the printed
book at Lulu


Thanks to Geoff Cutler for his work in making these publications available.  I urge all to continue their search for spirit communications on his website at:


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