Messages from the Spirit World

Ministry of Heaven

This is the third book in a series of five books from the medium, Rev. George Vale Owen. This is the third volume of a five volume set received in the period 1913 on, and first published in 1920. I value it because the spirits here acknowledge the existence of the Christ Spheres, which to my mind is probably the single most important fact one can learn about life after death. The second most important fact is how to become a Christ Spirit, but this series does not teach that. This particular volume is recited by Leader, a spirit residing in what we would call the Fifth Sphere, but which in this series is called the Tenth. Many topics are covered, and once again you get the feeling that you are a part of the action. The most amazing of these is a journey into the hells which eventually resulted in the release of 144,000 spirits from the clutches of a single dark spirit, and their resettlement in an area of marginally more light where they could set about rehabilitating themselves.  (From Geoff Cutler’s site: Ministry of Heaven - Spirit Communications

Thanks to the work of Geoff Cutler, there is a free PDF version which you can download here, and also a Kindle version at Amazon