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Anthony Borgia

Anthony Borgia was a medium who transcribed the thoughts of a deceased priest and author whom he had known in life; the Catholic priest’s name was Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson (1871-1914), and he was a son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Edward White Benson.

From the Next World, the spirit priest dictated a wealth of scripts to his friend, Anthony Borgia, and many of these were converted into books. He has a great deal to say, which he hopes will correct the teachings contained in his previous influential Christian books, written when he was living on earth. He speaks about Life in the Spirit World, the Orthodox Church, religious belief, faith, spirit communication, mediumship, and what existence is really like for those who have crossed over into the next stages of life.  His teachings are frank and honest: they pull no punches, but they are delivered in a spirit of compassion and helpfulness. (from:

From the preface of his books is this short history of Mr. Borgia.

“About Anthony Borgia
Anthony Borgia was a fine medium with a strong gift of clairaudience. It was through this particular aspect of his mediumship that he was able to assist Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson in realising his dearest wish: that of putting into print the knowledge and facts of life after death, and helping to banish the fear of death, which affects so many people.

The books for which Anthony acted as Monsignor’s amanuensis are rightly regarded as among the ‘classics’ of Spiritualist literature. It was always a source of great happiness to him that he had helped, in this way, to spread the great truths of Spiritualist teachings.

Anthony passed in 1989 at the age of 93, a man of profound intelligence allied to an enquiring mind, whose interests were many and varied, although those which remained the strongest and lasted all his life were the study of music and of psychic science, in both of which he could be considered something of an expert. A man of great kindness, warmth and generosity, he was a splendid example of true Spiritualism, never exhibiting this better than during the many years of near- blindness in his old age when the grace, courage and humour with which he bore this affliction drew the admiration of all who knew him.
His books remain as a testimony to Monsignor’s great desire to share his knowledge of the life to come, and to Anthony’s own homage to Truths which sustained him throughout his long life.”

Borgia’s books are relatively short, and in some respect, repetative of each other.  However, they are a pleausre to read, an each can easily be read in one sitting.

His spirit communication books include:

Life in the World Unseen

More About Life in the World Unseen

Heaven and Earth