Messages from the Spirit World

Mediums and Mediumship

Mediums and MediumshipMediums and mediumship deal with those people who have the gift of hearing, seeing, or feeling spirits messages, and communicating those messages to others. This act of being a go-between is called mediumship.

Mediums are not “psychic” in that they are not fortune tellers, they do not see or ascertain the future.  Instead, mediums are sensitive to the spirit world, and they can hear, see, or feel spirit trying to communicate messages.

Many mediums organized in the late 1800s into the early 1900s to form a loose form of religion based on spirit communications called Spiritualism.  Today you can still find spiritualist churches around many of the major cities around the world.

Below are some more prolific mediums whose spirit communications were documented and available on this website for free.   Enjoy the works of these mediums and mediumship.

James E. Padgett

Anthony Borgia

Robert James Lees

Rev. George Vale Owen

Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser

Caroline D Larsen


Mary Ann Winkowski

Pardoe Woodman and Estelle Stead

Elsa Barker

Helen Greaves

… and more to be added as we find addition books on Spirit Communications available in free PDF or other electronic form.