Messages from the Spirit World

Life Here and Hereafter

This is the second and final book (that I am aware of) from medium, Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser. Here is a description of the book by Geoff Cutler from his site: “This is a continuation of “Spirit World and Spirit Life” by Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser, also a fabulous book. Actually however, it is a very different book, and is only partly her work. For me this book was really a missing link. The missing link between “30 Years among the dead” and the various Padgett related messages on life after death. It is a large number of case studies of a human working with a celestial support group tasked with awakening these recently departed folks – presumably in the Astral Plane, although that is not stated. Finally I have a very clear idea of how the many of us typically awaken in the next realm. And it’s a sad scene. All too many mortals awake into darkness and confusion, with minds in a dream state, unable to see anything or hear anything. Some are relatively quickly taught how to awaken their spiritual sight, and hearing, and then progress as expected. Some are so caught up in their original earth beliefs, that they take a lot of work to awaken, insisting that they are not dead, because they are “alive” etc. Others (relatively few) may apparently take centuries to come out of this zombie like state. These are not folks that are bad either, just folks who never gave a thought to life after death. One can see how “earth bounds” occur, and one case of obsession is handled as well, although very interestingly this is a case of two ex-mortals being attached to another ex-mortal. I did not imagine obsession of one spirit by another could occur. This book also has two very interesting sections right at the end. One is on the subject of thoughts, and how they actually influence the mind. The other is on the location of what I suspect is the First Sphere.”

To download the PDF version, right click here:  Life Here and Hereafter