Messages from the Spirit World

Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser

Born on June 4, 1855, in Stockbridge, Massachusets, Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser was a Music Teacher by trade.

This story of her life is from here:

“Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser lives with her mother, Clarissa Amelia (who is of independent means for those of the period), in the Stockbridge area, through the 1900 census, which lists she and her mother as the entire household. She is featured from time to time in the Stockbridge area newspapers, participating in musical events, engaged in charitable work, and lecturing on topics related to music, both church and secular.

In 1904, Charlotte is living in Los Angeles, and soon thereafter moves south to Santa Ana, where she advertises her services as a music teacher in local papers. Shortly thereafter she meets and becomes intimate with Fred and Carrie Rafferty, and begins traveling with them in California. The Raffertys and Charlotte do not appear in local papers after 1914 or so, suggesting Fred and Charlotte both retired. Charlotte clearly has independent means; she is buying and selling property on a regular basis, and she is traveling en menage with the Raffertys: in 1911, through the Mediterranean; in 1914 to England; and in 1916 to Hong Kong, Java and China. After Carrie Rafferty’s death c. 1917, she and Fred Rafferty investigate Spiritualism, and their work together is reproduced in part in the two spirit texts mentioned here. In 1927, Charlotte and Fred travel to Sweden: Fred is 65, and Charlotte is 81. Some time shortly thereafter, Charlotte dies: in the 1930 census, Fred is living alone at his usual address, and he has new neighbors next door. Fred is not listed in the 1940 US census.”

Here books were acheived through Spirit Communications via “automatic writing”.  They are titled:

“Spirit World and Spirit Life,” and “Life Here and Hereafter”