Messages from the Spirit World

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth is the most famous person to walk the face of the earth.  More books, songs, poems, paintings, drawings, movies and other works have been written about Jesus than any other person.  It is claimed that hundreds, if not thousands, of people have received spirit communications from Jesus.  Below is one of many messages received by the medium, James E. Padgett.


Spirit Communication received: May 25th, 1915
Received by: James E. Padgett
Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus.

You are better tonight in your spiritual condition and I will write
a formal message.I desire to write on the subject of, “The real
truth of the life on earth, and what it means to mortals.”

When men come to the knowledge that they are children of the Father
and under His care and protection, they will see that they must
lead such lives as will fit them to become in union with the Father
and be able to partake of His Love which makes them, as it were,
a part of Himself. I mean that there is in all men the potentiality
of becoming a part of the Divine Essence, but in order for them
to partake of this Divinity they must let the Love of the Father,
in its highest nature, enter into their souls and make them at-one
with Him. No mere love that they had bestowed upon them as creatures
of the Father’s handiwork will enable them to attain to this exalted
condition. The natural love, of itself, is not sufficient, because
when that love was bestowed upon them it was merely intended to
enable them to live in a good and harmonious way with their fellowmen.
It was not the real Love that formed a part of the Divine nature
of the Father, and was not intended to make men a part of that nature.
So, in order for men to receive this higher Love, they must do the
will of the Father while on earth, or they will have a more difficult
work, after they become spirits, in receiving the wonderful inflowing
of this Divine Love.

The earth is the great plane of probation, and the development
of the souls of men depends upon their correct living – in accordance
with those principles which the Father has established as the means
whereby they may receive this condition of Love, which alone can
make them at-one with Him.

Mere good deeds are not sufficient. Back of all deeds must be the
soul’s development, which results only from the possession of this
Love. I do not mean by this that deeds do not form a part of this
development, for they do; but deeds without the possession of this
Love will never make a man the possessor of the one thing needful
to ensure his entrance into the Heavenly Kingdom.

Men must love one another, and must of course, “do unto each other
as they would be done by.” If this rule of conduct was observed
men would be much happier on earth, even if they do not possess
the Divine Love that I speak of.

No man can of himself become filled with this Love, for in only
one way will it come into his soul: and that is by prayer to the
Father for its inflowing, and faith that He will give it to him
who asks earnestly and humbly. I know that some men think that prayer
is nothing more than an appeal to their own better selves, but I
tell you that this is a wrong belief; and when they realize the
truth that prayer ascends to the Father, and is heard by Him and
answered, they will understand the great mission and benefit of

Let men live the most exemplary lives, and yet they will not necessarily
become partners of this Great Love, and have the qualities that
are necessary to enable them to receive the great gift of unison
with the Father. I urge all men to live a good moral life, because
it has its own reward in the spirit world, and makes them happier
as spirit beings in a condition of mere natural love, and will fit
them for a life in the spirit world which will bring to them happiness;
but not the happiness of those who fit themselves for a greater
happiness in the Celestial Kingdom.

I will not discourage men from seeking the life of a moralist,
or of one who tries to follow the truths of conduct which the golden
rule imposes, but on the contrary, emphasize the necessity for such
a life.

A good man approaches nearer to the image of the Father than any
other being can possibly attain to, and his reward in the future
life will be that which comes only from living the life of such
a man. So I say, the more a man lives in accordance with these moral
precepts, the nearer he will approach the image in which he was

But why should men be satisfied with the image when the Real Substance
may be theirs by obeying the invitation of the Father? The image
may satisfy some who are content with small things, but the aspiring
soul wants the real substance which the Father offers freely to
those who will accept His invitation.

No man can really live a good moral life unless he has as his guide
the Love that I have mentioned. I do not believe that any man who
knows the difference between the image and the Substance will be
satisfied with the former, for if so he is rejecting the greatest
happiness that even the Father can bestow upon him.

So let not men be content with trying to live good moral lives,
but seek with all their hearts the Love that makes them truly angels
of God; and such angels as can feel and realize (by reason of the
Divinity which such Love brings to them) the certainty that they
are immortal.

Immortality is only of God, and anything less than God, or His
Divine Essence which makes the creature a part of that Divinity,
is not immortal.

Adam and Eve (as they are called) were mortals, free from sin and
obedient to the Father, and thought that they were immortal; but
when the temptation came and they yielded, they realized to their
great sorrow that they were not immortal. And so will every spirit
of mortal be in the future life, where the Divine Love of the Father
has not become a part of its existence.

Life on earth is an important part of the great eternity of living,
and men should realize this to its fullest meaning, and not think
the earth a mere stopping place where the spirit is enfolded in
flesh only for the pleasures and gratification of its carnal appetites.
This earth life is a fleeting shadow of the spirit life, but an
important shadow to the happiness which man may enjoy in the future.
It is the most important period of man’s whole existence, and the
way that such life is lived may determine the whole future life
of the man. I don’t mean that there is no redemption beyond the
grave, for the mercy of the Father continues into the spirit life;
but when man fails to accept this mercy – I mean the way in which
he may become a Divine child of the Father – while in the earth
life, he may never accept it in the spirit life.

So many spirits are contented to remain in the happiness of their
natural love, and refuse to be convinced that there is a greater
Love and happiness awaiting them in the Father’s Kingdom which may
be theirs, if they will only believe and seek. This I say from my
knowledge of the real condition of spirits in the spirit world,
and the difficulty which the redeemed spirits have found in their
endeavors to convince these spirits who are enjoying the happiness
of their natural love, that there is a happier and better sphere
in which they may live, if they will seek for the Divine Love of
the Father.

As I said when on earth, “strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leads to life eternal, and few there be who enter therein.” And this saying applies to the spirit world as well as to the
material world.

So let me urge upon all men to seek the straight and narrow way,
for only by it can men come to the full enjoyment of what the Father
has provided for them.

I will now stop, but in closing will say, with all the love and
knowledge which I possess: Let men seek this great Divine Love,
and in faith they will find it, and forever be one with the Father
– immortal as He is immortal, and happy beyond all conception.

So I will say with all my love and blessings, and the blessings
of the Father, “seek and ye shall find.”

Good night. Your loving brother and friend,


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